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Park Rules & Guidelines

How do I make my payment?

An invoice will be emailed to you two days before your due date. Please pay on the due date by cash, check, or we can charge your credit card on file. A late fee of $15 per day applies after 12 PM on the due date. The after-hours payment box can be used anytime

What are your parking requirements?

Each site’s parking area accommodates two (2) vehicles maximum. All vehicles need current registration. All large/commercial vehicles must be approved by Park Management. Guests are not allowed to perform mechanic work on vehicles or wash vehicles at the park. No boats or trailers are allowed inside of the sites or in the parking spaces. Parking in a vacant lot or in a neighbor’s site is prohibited. Speed limit must not exceed 10 MPH inside the park and all signs posted by Park Management must be obeyed. Excessive speed warnings may incur a $100 fine. No off-road vehicles allowed, and no off-road driving of any kind is allowed. Any vehicle parked illegally is subject to being towed at the vehicle-owner’s expense.

Do you have a speed limit while in the park?

Speed limit must not exceed 10 MPH inside the park and all signs posted by Park Management must be obeyed. Excessive speed warnings may incur a $100 fine.

How do I dispose of my trash?

Garbage must be placed in plastic trash bags and kept inside of the RV until deposited in the dumpster. Sanitary and health laws must always be obeyed. Combustible, noxious, or hazardous materials should be removed from the property and not placed in dumpsters. Lids on the dumpsters are to be kept closed. Trash items must not be left outside of the dumpsters. Bringing trash from outside the property to dump in the park’s dumpsters is not permitted. Construction debris and bulky items such as mattresses and appliances are not to be disposed of in the dumpsters. All boxes must be broken down before being deposited into the dumpster. No large trash cans are to be used in the sites.

What are your RV requirements?

Only one (1) RV may be placed on each RV Site. Only fully self-contained trailers and motorhomes are accepted. No tents or truck-campers permitted. Each RV entering the park must be in good condition. There is no year limit, however each RV shall have:

• Clean exterior. No missing or broken trim, doors, lights, or glass. No nonstandard writing, peeling paint or shredded awnings on the RV.

• No window unit air conditioning. No foil on windows. No tarps or covers.

• Management reserves the right to deny entry if the RV, Travel Trailer, or Motor Home does not meet these standards.


The following are not allowed on sites (including under the RV)


• Appliances outside the RV including hot tubs, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners not designed for RV use are prohibited.

• Any items on grass including carpets, mats, potted plants, etc.

• No Tents, pop-ups, canopies, or tarps are allowed. No clotheslines or hanging of laundry.

• No Boats, Cargo, or other trailers are permitted on site unless approved by management.

• No storage outside of the fenced yard (if applicable).

• No excessive décor on the site.

• No excessive storage under the RV.

• No pallets

What are your RV site rules?

Conditions for specific equipment and structures are as follows:

Cabanas– The installation of any cabana or permanent building on the property is strictly prohibited.


Porches– Steps and porches may be installed no larger than 6’ X 8’. Steps must have approved handrails, as required by law. The supports must not be anchored into the ground. Must be approved by park management prior to installation.


Fences– No alterations can be made to any fencing already installed in the community – including RV Sites.


Antennas and Satellite Dishes– Satellite dishes must be mounted on the RV or ground tripod. No in-ground installation of satellite dishes/antennas.


Sunshades, Windscreens and Privacy Screens– No tarps or windscreens are allowed to be hung on the gates or the fences. Privacy Enclosures must be approved by park management prior to installation.


Clotheslines– Clotheslines are not permitted on the property.


Carport Awnings/Coverings– No awnings or coverings are allowed in the parking spaces or on lawns.


Fire pits and Grills– Gas fire pits and grills with covers are allowed, however guests must exercise caution in both the placement and use. 

What are your quiet time hours?

Please honor our quiet hours 9:30 pm-7:30 am. Generators are not permitted to be used in the park at any time. Refrain from engine idling. You will receive one (1) warning only for quiet hour violations.

What is your policy on requesting law enforcement?

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. If law enforcement is called for any reason other than a medical emergency, you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund at the discretion of the RV Resort owners and managers. This includes law enforcement showing up at the property to serve a warrant upon you (or anyone in your party) or investigating illegal activities. The park management reserves the right to treat each incident individually.

What is your pet policy?

Your friendly pets are welcome! Please pick up after them immediately, keep them on a leash when walking in the park and do not leave them outside when you are not home. We do not allow nuisance barking or running the temporary fence lines. You are responsible for the damage done by your dog to the site and fencing. We enforce a zero tolerance policy for aggressive biting pets! You will be asked to leave the park upon the first offense! You will be liable for any damage or injury caused by your pet or your guests’ pet. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PETS AND RESTRICT CERTAIN AGGRESSIVE BREEDS AT ANY TIME. Each guest is responsible to pick up their own pet(s) feces immediately. Pet waste in your site yard must be picked up daily. Any guest that does not pick up after their pet properly will be in violation of the Park Rules and may be asked to leave or remove their pet.

Do you have laundry facilities onsite?

Yes, it’s open 24/7

• Washers, dryers, and all other laundry facilities are to be cleaned by the guest, inside and out, immediately after use. Clothes are to be removed from dryers as soon as they are dry.

• Powder detergent and dyes may not be used in any of the washers at any time.

• No pets inside of the laundry facilities.

• Please MAKE SURE TO CLEAN OUT ALL PET HAIR from the washer or dryer tubs after each use. Washing pet bedding is prohibited.

• No glassware may be taken into the laundry or amenity areas. Smoking is not permitted in the laundromat and other enclosed areas of the park’s common facilities.

• Radios, CD players, boom boxes, televisions, and other such entertainment devices are not permitted in the laundromat or amenity areas of the park, unless used with earbuds or headphones.

• Park Management shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property left unattended at the laundromat or other amenity areas.

Do you have a bathhouse at your facility?

Yes, we have several ADA accessible restrooms and showers onsite for your use while staying with us. Our bathhouse is for the use of resort guests only. Please be respectful and clean up after yourself. 

Are fires allowed during our stay?

Gas fire pits and grills with covers are allowed, however guests must exercise caution in both the placement and use.

What if I have children in my group?

Park Guests are personally responsible for the actions and conduct of their visitors. No visitor may stay more than seven (7) days unless approved by Park Management. If a Park Guest will not be present, then no visitor(s) may occupy or use the Park Guests Recreational Vehicle or site without the Park Management’s consent. Parents are responsible for the whereabouts, safety, and conduct of their children at all times. Please go over campground etiquette with your children if they are new to living in an RV.

What are your pool rules?

Open 9 AM to 9 PM. Please accompany children under 16. Babies and young children are not allowed in the pool unless wearing swim diapers. The pool is for Port Arthur RV Resorts guests only. No alcohol or glass allowed in the pool area.

When is the pavilion available to use?

The pavilion is open dawn to dusk. This is a public use area for all guests at the park to enjoy. Please follow rules posted within the pavilion regarding its use. Guests may rent this area for private functions with advance approval. For more information on how to make a reservation, please speak with our onsite management. 

Do you have water use restrictions?

No outside watering except for sprinkling potted plants. No Vehicle washing. RV washing is permitted with permission of management. A minimum charge of $20 will be incurred for any RV washing. During the winter months water lines are insulated. Guests removing the insulation will incur a $35.00 Fee and be responsible for any damage to the water lines.

What is your check out policy?

Extended Stay Campers: Deposit will be refunded or applied to the final charges on the account when you give at least 15-day notice. Deposit may be applied to any amount due at the time of departure, including but not limited to electric usage, site fees, clean-up fee, site damages, and late fees. Any outstanding balance will be charged to the card on file. Check out is 12:00 noon. Nightly and Weekly Guests: clean-up or damage fees will be charged to the card on file.

What are your site fees for guests?

Site fees are structured for two adults per site. For long-term guests, a $50.00 fee will be applied to your monthly invoice per additional adult. Some sites are considered “Premium” in nature and can be priced accordingly. Site fees are subject to change without notice.

What is your refund policy?

Weekly and Nightly reservations may be canceled seven (7) days prior to the arrival date for a full refund. Any cancellation after this period will be charged a cancellation fee of up to $50.00. Reservations canceled less than 72 hours will forfeit any refund. Monthly reservations are not subject to any refund of deposit if canceled. *Monthly, Weekly, and Nightly Guests: We do not refund any portion of your payment if you decide to leave early, please speak with our Park Management should an emergency arise. *We will not refund any part of the stay when a guest is asked to leave for any reason. 

Do you provide lawn maintenance?

Our service crews are in the park each week. We ask that guests make sure their area is clear of all debris, outdoor furniture, and pet waste so crews can perform their duties without obstruction. Pets must be confined during the time crews are in the park.

What is your policy on guest improvements to RV sites?

All improvements must have approval from the Park Management. It is each guest’s responsibility to remove any accessory equipment/structure in which they install on the property upon the guest’s departure. 

Am I considered a tenant?

Under Texas law, you are not a tenant with a lease or contract. Anyone who fails to comply with the Park Rules will be asked to leave with no refund. (Texas Penal Code 30.05)

How do I submit a questions/concern if I am unable to resolve it at the park?

Do you have unresolved questions or concerns that may exceed the limitations of onsite staff? If so, please email us at corporate@portarthurrv.com